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Green Rich Fertilizer Formula 1 (green bottle) size 1 liter

Foods from natural plant polymers have forgotten their importance in the shells of animals, including shrimp and crabs. It is recommended that plants can be eaten 24 hours a day. Strong, durable, fast growing, strong roots and large leaves. No use of leaf binders. Harmless to people in the environment

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Fertilizer Green Rich Formula 2 (orange bottle) size 1 liter

Green Rich Fertilizer Formula 2 (Recommended Elements, Secondary Nutrients) Plant food is sprayed by foliar spray so that nutrients can be tested for plants to be loaded immediately. In the form of a chelate, including various aids for the elements to interact with each other. Allowing the soluble residue to remain intact for longer and not hinder them or the plant roots that feed them. Let the flower problem arise from the fruit without any residue left. does not destroy the environment

- chitosan
biodegradable naturally is a natural polymer The structure is similar to that of cellulide, the process of converting to amino groups can be directly utilized. and also captures various ions and releases nutrients to plants
- Magnesium
The composition of chlorophyll in Photosynthesis with foliar nutrition As a result, the root system works better. It has a positive effect on the photosynthetic system of plants. Helps plants to be ready to make food.
- calcium
Build tissues and shells, especially cell walls, making shells and tissues strong. which has the effect of preventing insects Does not make it harder for insects to bite, suck or bite.
- iron
Enzyme constituents in respiration and photosynthesis processes
- manganese
Stimulate the breakdown of water in photosynthesis.
- zinc
Helps in flower buds and shoots Help plants withstand cold weather.
- boron
Synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates, necessary for cell division. help transport sugar Helps in the germination of pollen.
- molybdenum
Nitrogenase enzyme components help plants use more nitrates.

Use the product Green Rich Fertilizer Formula 1 & Formula 2 mixed with water according to the ratio of each plant, spraying on the leaves, stems and roots.

For plants in the growth phase of shoots, leaves, stems, roots