Product Return and Refund Policy

Updated on September 212023


In the event that the buyer presses the button Once you have “checked and confirmed the product” you will not be able to request a refund or return the product in the application. CIVILI Mall would like buyers to check once the product has actually arrived. Then press the confirm button in the system next.


The seller has 3 days to file a dispute. If you disagree with the reason for the return/refund or decision. In such cases, CIVILI Mall will investigate and take fair resolution based on the evidence provided by both parties. CIVILI Mall will consider the dispute. By adhering to the principles of consistency and compliance Terms of service under CIVILI Mall policy


Terms and conditions for buyers returning products on CIVILI Mall are as follows.

Reasons for refunds/returns that buyers can choose It will depend on the type of store.


1. Reasons for returning products from CIVILI Mall stores

- I did not receive the package of this order.

- Received incomplete product/incomplete parts

- Receive an empty box / receive a suspicious product (for example, the store intentionally sent another product instead)

- Receive a product that is not as ordered, such as the wrong size, wrong color, wrong product

- Product in poor condition or there is damage

- Product functionality is not complete.

- The product is very different from the details.

- Copyrighted products

- Change your mind*


2. Types of products that cannot be returned for “change of mind” reasons include:

- Food and drinks

- Jewelry and precious metals such as silver, gold, diamonds, etc.

- Electronic devices such as products that have already filled out a warranty card, have a serial number, etc.

- personal items Related to hygiene such as bath products, eye cosmetics, etc.

- Mother and child products Hygiene-related items such as breast pump equipment, fake nipples, etc.

- Supplements and medicines

- Clothing Related to hygiene such as underwear, panties, socks, swimsuits, etc.

- Large items such as furniture, refrigerators, etc.

- Made to order products (made-to-order) such as tailor-made clothes, house paint, watch straps, eyeglasses, etc.

- Digital products such as discount codes, etc.

- Randomly selected products, such as cartoon model kits with various model models displayed. In which the buyer will order the product without being able to specify the model to choose, etc.