Cookie Policy
When you enter the website Information related to your visit to the website is stored in the form of cookies. This cookie policy explains the meaning, function, purpose, including deleting and refusing to store cookies for your privacy. By entering this website, you are deemed to have given permission to the company to use cookies in accordance with the cookie policy as detailed below.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are text files stored on the personal data owner's computer that are used to store log details of the personal data owner's internet usage. Personal data owners can learn more about Cookies from

How does the company use cookies?

The Company will collect website visiting information from every visitor through Cookies or similar technology. and the company will use cookies for benefits To develop the efficiency of accessing the company's services via the internet, including improving the efficiency of using the company's services via the internet to create an experience and satisfaction for you It will be used for the following cases:

(1) To allow the owner of personal data to log into the account of the owner of personal data on the Company's website continuously.
(2) To study website usage behavior of personal data owners. To develop the company's digital services to be easier, faster and more efficient to use.

Types of cookies that the company uses?

The company uses the following cookies for the company's website.

(1) Required Cookies – required to enable the main functions of the website. This type of cookie helps your website experience to be continuous, such as remembering your login, remembering information you have provided on the website.
(2) Functionality cookies – Cookies for the functionality of the website. (Functionality Cookies) This type of cookie is used to recognize you when you return to use the website again. This allows the Company to customize content for you. Adjust the company's website to meet your needs. Including remembering your preferences such as language or region or the font size you choose to use when using the website.
(3) Advertising – cookies used to remember what customers have visited. To present products, services or related advertising media to match the interests of users. This type of cookie is saved on your device to keep track of your traffic and the links you have visited and followed. In addition, third-party cookies may use information shared online and content stored through the service. To understand the needs of users with the aim of customizing the website. Advertising campaigns to suit your interests
(4) Analytics cookies and measure work results This type of cookie allows the company to measure performance, such as processing the number of pages you access and the number of characteristics of that user group. Such information will be used to analyze user behavior patterns.

Cookie management

The owner of personal data can set the browser of the owner of personal data to not accept the Company's cookies by following the steps specified by the manufacturer of the Web Browser, such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, or another Web Browser.

You can delete and refuse to store cookies by following the methods specified in each web browser you are using at the following links:

Cookie Policy Changes

This Cookie Policy may be updated from time to time to comply with regulations.
Therefore, we recommend that you ensure that you understand any such changes.